In a shameless deal with the Greens, the SNP managed to get its Budget passed in the Scottish Parliament yesterday. Despite sluggish economic growth and consumer demand, but true to its Socialist/Marxist principles, the SNP deal with the Greens means that hundreds of thousands of ordinary working Scots will pay an extra £400 in Income Tax this year, compared to workers earning the same wages in England!

Sturgeon and her cronies have again shown their lack of economic competence by pandering to the SNP and Greens extreme left wing, Tax and Spend activists. Measures should have been introduced in the Budget to grow the economy by creating better conditions for investment and business, which would lead to more and better paid job opportunities for all of us.

There’s a French saying that every country has the government it deserves. Under Sturgeon, this shameless raid on the pockets of some 370 thousand Scots can only be the thin edge of the wedge in what is becoming a worsening Scottish economy. We Scots certainly dont deserve to be punished financially as a result of economic incompetence by our rulers. Well worth remembering when we next go to the polls!

A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.


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