Hong Kong

Many local Chinese feel that the recent disorder at the swearing-in ceremony in the Hong Kong legislature by newly-elected ‘Democracy’ councillors, was not a responsible way to serve the electorate.

Their antics are unlikely to further their worthy cause, which is basically to continue to ensure minimal interference in the territory’s government and laws from their communist masters on the mainland. Namely, one country, two systems, as provided for under the Basic Law agreement reached between the Chinese and British governments. China has already interfered in their election, and they would have done well to remember that China’s governing politburo are still a hard-nosed bunch, with enormous security and military support, and who will brook no interference in their plans for the future of the former British enclave, regardless of the provisions of the Basic Law. It is regrettable that the British government saw fit to foster even closer economic ties with such a regime by binding the UK to a long term civil nuclear deal with China, with all its dangerous implications. One can only empathize with all those mainland Chinese who wish to see a government with a popular mandate and which will bring in democratic reforms, especially freedom of the press and freedom of speech. We live in hope.

Unless they become more politically savvy, the least that can happen to these new legislators is their ‘disappearance’, ie indefinite imprisonment without trial, or worse. Remember Tiananmen!


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